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Contemporary Art

Discover our world-class, practice-led research
Research at Sydney College of the Arts is multidisciplinary, experimental and practice-led. Our renowned researchers include artists, curators and writers working across diverse fields of enquiry.

At Sydney College of the Arts, we are a community of scholars working across the fields of image research, screen and sound, art, site and culture research and sculpture and material practice.

Through arts-led practice, we develop innovative approaches to production that challenge and develop art-making traditions. Founded in studio-based experimentation, field research and cultural engagement, our research uncovers new perspectives and insightful responses to the world around us.

Our researchers have vital relationships within the cultural sector and work with external partners to collaborate on exhibitions and publicly engaged projects. We work with a variety of disciplines, fabrication industries, organisations and with other faculties at the University of Sydney University to explore innovative solutions to poignant questions.  
Our researchers also have vital relationships within the cultural sector, and artworks by our practitioners from Sydney College of the Arts can be found in public art commissions, leading biennales, cultural festivals, as well as private and institutional collections.
Sydney College of the Arts Gallery provides an active schedule of exhibitions and events that involve Sydney University alumni and visiting national and international artists, fostering collegiality and peer engagement within our research community.


Research Director
  • +61 2 9351 1199
  • Rozelle Campus N01
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